Data Cleansing and Collection

Clean data is essential to smooth business operations and informed decision-making. Rather than hire a temp for a few months to manually correct your data, let us help. We can find an efficient way to cleanse the data using our tools and moreover we can cleanse the data with much greater accuracy. The cost is likely to be the same as we will get up to speed faster, clean the data quickly and get it right - the first time. We're so confident of our accuracy that in the unlikely event that your not happy with anything we've cleaned, we'll put it right, free of charge!

We can also advise you on processes to put in place to keep your data clean.

Data4Decisions can also help identify any data, missing from your systems which could help you understand your business performance e.g. time spent returning to customer sites to correct faults. Then we can help put processes in place to collect and store this data in a way that it can be combined with your other data to give a complete picture of your business and operational performance.